Best Long Slot Toaster List with Reviews 2022 I Complete Guide

Best Long Slot Toaster List

Summer or winter, toast bread has no weather restriction or necessity. It is another level of enjoyment that you can never be wrong with. It makes a perfect choice of breakfast. The little time required to toast, the fresh outcome, and the delectable taste are part of the determinants why you need a toasting machine. Purchasing the best long slot toaster could be a great challenge as numerous brands and makers are on the market. Are you stuck in making the right choice of the slice, the material used in constructing it, the wide or small slot models, or the smart screen version? We’ve been there before, and we know how it seems to get stuck in making the right choice of the best long toaster.

We’ve dedicated this article solely to help you narrow down your selection to ensure you choose the best and invest wisely. Also, in this guide, we will walk you through the benefits of using a toasting machine, features, functions, and factors to consider before choosing one.

Meanwhile, we’ve critically tested and vetted some exceptional brands of toasters, and we’ve selected the best nine for you to easily consider any and enjoy the sweet moment and experience.

Quick Review of Top 9 Best Long Slot Toasters – KK

Toasters Brand Number of settings Wattage Our Rating Cusotmer Reviews
Mueller 6 1300 4.5 out of 5 stars
(4.5 / 5)
Oster 7 1500 4.6 out of 5 stars
(4.6 / 5)
Elite Gourmet 6 1300 4.7 out of 5 stars
(4.7 / 5)
Elite Gourmet 6 1300 4.7 out of 5 stars
(4.7 / 5)
LOFTER-pro 7 1500 4.5 out of 5 stars
(4.5 / 5)
Hamilton 6 1450 4.4 out of 5 stars
(4.4 / 5)
Hamilton 800 4.5 out of 5 stars
(4.5 / 5)
DASH 7 1100 4.8 out of 5 stars
(4.8 / 5)
LOFTER 6 1000 4.6 out of 5 stars
(4.6 / 5)

Mueller UltraToast Toaster 4 Slice

Enjoy a fresh and delectable breakfast with the unique effortless Mueller toaster. This exceptional unit offers you complete control with the six browning levels that enable you to swiftly control the toasting settings to suit your taste bud and toasting preferences.

The Mueller toasting machine is ergonomically constructed to perfectly fit your kitchen countertop and blend with the kitchen decor. Maintenance is the key to enhancing the durability of the device. Thanks to the Mueller engineers for the removable tray that enables you to seamlessly clean up the crumbs on the machine to retain its durability.

Exceptional Features

  • It comes with extra-wide slots that accommodate up to four slices of bread on the go. This enables you to toast bread for family size.
  • Thanks to the reheat, cancel, and defrost features that prevent your bread from burning. Enjoy your delectable meal without losing the sweetness with the reheat function that automatically keeps the bread cool for you.
  • It features an LCD Countdown timer that gives you the accurate counting of the toasting speed. This also displays the functionality rate of the machine.

Enjoy a fresh and healthy meal without breaking your pocket. The Mueller toasting machine is super affordable. It doesn’t require breaking banks before getting it.


  • Affordable, durable, and super lightweight construction
  • Effortless maintenance
  • Adjustable browning setting levels


  • Limited manufacturer’s warranty

Oster Long Slot 4-Slice Toaster, Stainless Steel (TSSTTR6330-NP)

Having the best long slot toaster that is super portable and perfect for every kitchen countertop is a great way to enjoy delicious toast bread in your home. Oster is another exceptional brand of wide-slot toasting machine that comes with unique features, including auto-adjust and removable crumb tray, among other components.

The seven toast shade settings enable you to preset the machine functionality to suit your toasting preferences confidently. It is compactly designed for easy storage and saves space in your kitchen. This elegant unit enables you to toast up to four slices of bread at a go. This makes it suitable for family-size use. The Oster toaster is constructed with stainless steel materials which contribute significantly to its durability.

Exceptional Features

  • It comes with an auto-power-off that helps you regulate the machine’s power consumption. This feature allows you to automatically power off the device to avert potential damages.
  • Thanks to the Oster engineers for the removable tray that facilitates the maintenance of the machine. Easily remove the tray from the machine for perfect cleanup.
  • The frozen, warm, and cancel functions help foster your toasting. These functions make the machine a good fit for enjoying your toasted bread hours after toasting. It doesn’t get cold or tasteless.


  • Affordable and durable construction
  • Removable tray and adjustable settings
  • Toast lift and auto-power off


  • Too flexible to over-work

Elite Gourmet ECT-3100 Long Slot Toaster

Elite toasters are for the elites. Toast like an elite and enjoy delectable meals like a king. It is an exceptional toasting machine with special components and performs efficiently. No doubt, it is the best long slot toaster on the market. Aside from its affordability, user comfortability is another reason worth considering buying this machine.

The six toast settings render effortless handling of the unit. This enables you to seamlessly control the toasting speed and accuracy of the outcome. This device’s defrost and cancel functions help you preserve the toasted meals and save them from getting cold. Thanks to the Elite Gourmet engineers for the stainless steel body frame significantly contributes to its durability.

Exceptional Features

  • It comes with an easy-to-operate control panel featuring eject, defrosts, and reheat buttons. This function warmly preserves your meal.
  • It features a removable crumb tray that enhances the maintenance of this machine. The stainless steel materials make it super-easy for you to remove dirt.
  • The foldable warmer rack makes this unit suitable for toasting and heating croissants, bagels, donuts, and more. This feature allows you to enjoy your delicious taste bud at your fingertip.

The self-centering guide automatically holds the bread to ensure every side is perfectly and evenly toasted.


  • Inexpensive, durable, and efficient performance
  • Foldable warmer rack
  • Swift control panel
  • Six adjustable toast settings


  • 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty

Elite Gourmet ECT-4829B Long Slot Toaster

You don’t necessarily have to spend much time before you enjoy a fresh toasting result. The Elite Gourmet gives you your choice of taste without wasting much of your time. It renders an easy-to-operate interface that helps you facilitate the manueverability of the machine. It comes with an extra-wide slot that accommodates up to four slices of bread on the go. Toast for yourself and your family members.

Shade settings and a control panel are part of the features that make this machine one of the best on the market. Effortless toasting, comfortable placement, and affordability are part of the factors that make this unit exceptional, among others. It is a perfect fit for your kitchen countertop.

Exceptional Features

  • It features six toast shade settings that enhance your toasting from the light color of the bread to the most delectable and fresh outcome. This feature enables you to control the toasting speed and accuracy.
  • The control panel feature comes with three special functions, including cancel, which enables you to start/eject the machine, defrost, regulate the device’s performance, and the reheat function that ensures your bread is always warm.

The removable crumb tray fosters maintenance and the self-centering guide ensures absolute and evenly distribution of heat to make the bread perfectly brown.


  • Self-centering guide and removable tray
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Adjustable toaster settings
  • Ergonomic and compact design


  • Toasted items might not brown generally

Lofter 4 Slice Toaster

Are you thinking of having a toasting machine that totally guarantees your safety? Look no further. The Lofter toaster is a perfect match that comes with intelligent safety protection. It is ergonomically designed and compactly constructed to withstand soft and tough toasting and compactly stored to save space in your kitchen.

With the LCD, you can never make a wrong choice or incorrect toasting preferences. This feature gives you an accurate display of the machine’s performance. The 1.6 wide slots provide you with an extensive chance to toast more delectable toastable meals.

The 1500Watts machine power facilitates the power consumption of this machine. This also contributes to the efficient performance of the device. What about the browning settings? You can never make a wrong choice with the Lofter toasting machine.

Exceptional Features

  • Lofter toaster comes with seven advanced browning settings that permit you to adjust the settings till you get the actual outcome that perfectly suits your taste bud and satisfies your desire.
  • Bothered about the maintenance? The removable components make it super-easy to maintain and clean up in a breeze. The material used in constructing this unit also impacts the swift maintenance.

Utilize the defrost, reheat, and cancel functions to control the toaster’s performance.


  • Intelligent safety protection
  • Built-in seven browning settings
  • LCD countdown display
  • Put down lift-lever


  • No auto-shut off feature

Hamilton Beach 4-Slice Toaster

Counting on the best long slot toaster without the Hamilton brand would render the list incomplete. As every user knows, Hamilton is a reputable brand of kitchen appliances. This device is also a 4-slice toaster and comes with long slots for extended toasting.

Since it is electric powered, monitoring the machine’s performance every second might be a challenge for you. Don’t fret. The auto-shutoff feature helps you regulate the functionality of the device.

This machine is professionally engineered and compactly designed to quietly save space in your kitchen. The cord wrap feature enables you to wrap up the cord and prevent it from potential damage that might be caused by people tripping on the cord. This also contributes to the longevity of the unit.

Exceptional Features

  • It comes with a toast boost that helps you facilitate the toasting and ejecting of small-sized bread from the toaster. This feature makes the device compatible with toasting both small and large size bread.
  • Thanks to the sure-toast technology for the control panel that contains the one-touch button. This technology gives you control of the machine at your fingertip.

The slide-out crumb tray helps prevent the machine’s durability from dampening by dirt. Comfortably remove the tray and clean it up to enhance its durability.


  • Removable tray and cord wrap
  • Toast boost with seven toast shades
  • Control panel


  • No LCD monitor

Hamilton Beach Extra Wide Slot Toaster

Hamilton is an exceptional brand that is outstanding in every of its production. This model is similar in performance to the former but slightly different in features. The power regulator auto-power off feature, the adjustable control buttons, the wide slots, and others are part of the components that establish the exceptionality of this device.

It is portable and sturdily designed to befit your kitchen countertop. The sturdy toaster requires less energy to move from one spot to another as it delivers a comfortable user experience. Utilize the auto-power off feature to maintain the usability of the machine. This will help you prevent future damage or potential fire outbreak due to excess heating.

Exceptional Features

  • It features a toast boost handle that enables you to swiftly remove the bread from the toaster, especially when toasting small-sized bread that could easily get stuck within the machine. Thus, it is suitable for toasting both small and large-sized bread.
  • The illuminated control buttons are another heart-pleasing feature. This gives you the control of the device and illuminates the applied function to provide you with a clear picture of what you selected when using the unit in the dark.

Thank goodness for the stainless steel materials utilized in constructing this device. Despite the rate of temperature emanating from within the toaster, the outside doesn’t get hot.


  • Excellent performance and lightweight design
  • Illuminated control buttons
  • Toast boost lift
  • Super-wide slots


  • No manufacturer warranty

DASH Clear View Toaster

Toasting is super-interesting when you can check through the toasting process through a transparent window. Only DASH toaster can offer you this feature. This unit is sturdily constructed and has a transparent window where you can easily monitor the entire process and performance of the machine without necessarily removing/opening the lid. It is made of plastic materials. Thus, it requires extra care to avoid damage.

What do you prefer your toasted bread to look like? Light, moderate, dark, or super-dark? The seven toast settings give you the perfect adjustment to get your actual toasting result that will suit your taste bud. It is suitable for toasting bagels, bread, or other baked items.

Exceptional Features

  • It features a removable glass panel that enables to swipe up/down to have a crystal clear view of the toasting process. This feature is removable to help you narrow down the maintenance of the machine.
  • The DASH toaster comes with a preset feature with three special functions; bagel, defrost and reheat.
  • The side handle makes it comfortable to carry from one spot to another. Your machine will never be dirty or faulty with the slide-out crumb tray. This feature also contributes to maintenance.

It features a one-touch control/power button.


  • Super-lightweight and durable
  • Crystal clear window view
  • Carriage lever for easy movement
  • Removable glass panel and crumb tray


  • It is made with plastic materials

Lofter Long Slot Toaster

Thinking of toasting machines on the market? Lofter is one of the brands that do it better. You can never make a wrong choice with this brand’s product. Efficient performance coupled with exciting features is what best describes this device. Its affordability is another plus advantage. It is electric-powered and requires power consumption of 1000Watts to function excellently.

The best-rated prime Lofter toaster comes with a warming rack, surpassing other brands. The shade settings render an easy-to-operate interface.

This enables you to give your bread top-notch toasting and level up your taste bud. The illuminated control buttons, the one-touch power control, and the sturdy foot are the components that make this unit the best of others.

Exceptional Features

  • It features in-built cord storage that saves you the expenses of fixing the cord if it eventually gets broken. This feature lets you wrap up the cord and protect it from pilling.
  • It comes with a warming rack that keeps your toasted bread warm always. This feature is the best control with a simple pulling down of the back lift lever.

The illuminated defrost, bagel, and cancel buttons offer you a clear vision of the machine’s performance when it is dark. You can never make any mistake with this device.


  • Affordable and durable
  • Warming rack and six settings
  • Removable bread crumb tray
  • Intelligent safety protection


  • It is two slice

What is a Long Slot Toaster?

Knowing what a toasting machine does is essential. Having the knowledge of long slot toasters is extremely important. Long slot toasters deliver results slightly related to regular toasters, but having four short slots or two long slots, which can keep two longer items or four slices of bread, is the climax of enjoyment. This offers you the universality to toast long baked items without necessarily turning them sideways or forcing them into the narrow slot of the regular toaster. Thus, having a long slot toaster is a way to have the most exhilarating breakfast meals.

This innovative device allows you to change the color and taste of your bread to become more delectable than before. This unit is sturdily designed and performs efficiently. It saves time as it takes less than ten minutes to get your bread ready for breakfast. Amazingly, this machine is not restricted to toast only bread. You can also toast other baked items with it.

Why use a Toaster?

Counting on the fresh look, delectable taste, and delicious outcome of a toasted bread alone would make you want to massively invest in the machine. However, below are some benefits of using a toaster:

Saves Time

Unlike the traditional method of toasting bread that requires you to wait for a long time, modern toasters would get your breakfast ready in under a few minutes. This enables you to attend to other works of the day.

Efficient Performance

Efficiency is the key factor determining whether you would enjoy a device. Toasters are professionally engineered, which contributes immensely to their operational efficiency.


The standard and best long slice toaster serve extensive purposes, including but not limited to toasting bread, donuts, and other baked items. The wide slot also facilitates the toasting process.

How to Choose the Best Long Slot Toaster

How can you make the right choice with tons of brands on the market? It is another level of challenge, we know. Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered as we would unveil some essential features and factors to look out for in a toaster before buying. You can’t afford to spend your bucks on a mediocre product that won’t serve you extensively and excellently, like the extra wide long slot toaster. Below are some crucial factors to help you make an informed decision:


A significant factor to consider is the settings. This is different from the familiar dial for adjusting the shades. It is a vital point for users who prefer versatile toasters to artisan toasters. Having the settings of five toasting shades is excellent. However, considering six or seven will prepare the machine for the multiple purposes you desire.

The Slots Length

This is extremely important for users who need a toaster to make family-size bread. The longer the slot, the longer the bread size it will hold. Therefore, it is necessary you consider the length of the slots. Investing in a toaster that allows you to toast four slices of bread at a go is another level of superiority.


Toasters are electric-powered, and they utilize heat to achieve the key function. Thus, it is crucial to have a power regulator feature to regulate the power when the machine is not turned off. Consider this factor to prevent potential risk or damage.

Removable Crumb Tray

Maintenance is key to durability. Considering this factor shows how essential your investment means to you. A removable tray helps you reduce maintenance stress and lower the risk of losing the machine’s durability. Therefore, it is vital you consider the removability of the crumb tray.

Function Buttons

Function buttons are featured on the control panel of the machine. This includes the Cancel/eject button, warm button, bagel function, and defrost. Taking consideration of these functions will help you narrow down the operation of the machine. It will also preserve your bread from getting cold every time.


Long slot toasters can be expensive, depending on the makers. However, our list of tested and vetted toasters consists of super-affordable brands. It doesn’t require you to break your pocket before investing.

Built-in Warming Rack

A toaster with a warming rack and a Keep Warm button on the control panel is a top-notch experience. However, if your choice of toaster doesn’t have the button, it is necessary you consider one with a warming rack to ensure your bread is well and warmly preserved.

Making the perfect choice of the best long slot toaster can be a disconcerting task as it requires investing your bucks into it. You’ve got two options: selecting from our list of reviewed toasters or critically observing the abovementioned factors to ensure you choose the best model.

A delectable meal is the real deal of life. So, make a fully-informed decision.